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Profile of Master Ong Thiam Peng 

Fengshui Master Ong Thiam Peng has been a top leading Geomancer in Singapore since 1991. A pragmatic and gifted expert, Master Ong began his training at an early age into the applicability of the Chinese Arts i.e. Fengshui, Chinese Astrology, Auspicious Dates, Chinese Name and The I-Ching. He is result orientated and is well known for his strong professional ethics, objective analysis and consistent achievements.

Master Ong is well accepted by home owners and the corporate world and is recognised by many leading international banks, multi-national companies & conglomerates. He travels extensively for overseas assignments, to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, Europe and United States of America.     

Master Ong is the appointed Consultant for Media Corporation of Singapore Hotlines Services Provider, Channel 8 Teletext Horoscope content provider,  as well as the columnist for the largest circulating magazine i-Weekly since 1996. He was also the Fengshui lecturer / instructor for Singapore Society for Taoist Philosophical Studies since 1988.

Master Ong made his first debut on local television - TCS in 1990 and had since been featured repeatedly by TCS, ABN and CNBC News on Fengshui-related programmes. He is frequently invited to speak to many professional audiences at major organisations, associations, reputable clubs and societies.

Master Ong's writing on Fengshui, currently edited by Times Publishing Group is expected to be in the market soon -' I-Ching Path to Fengshui'.  

How to apply the traditional Chinese methods of divination and improve your personal fortunes. A faithful rendering of classic Chinese texts and detailed explanation of the Chinese calendar system, feng shui principles as well as the Form School, Compass School and Octa-House Method of  interpreting the I-Ching Oracle .

 By Ong Thiam Peng (ISBN 9812046496)